Scanners are common fixtures in the office and at home to digitalize your paper documents, organize them and even sharing of scans across devices. However, there are many other powerful features you can have in an instant with ScanSnap.

1. Built-in Wi-Fi

2. Dual-Scan

Ever wish you could feed multiple documents into your portable scanner to make scanning quicker? Well, now you can make scanning faster by scanning 2 small documents using the dual-scan function existing in ScanSnap S1100i and iX100.

3. Combine a Two-page Spread

Instead of using tedious image editing programs, the ScanSnap scanners can combine a two-page spread for you. Simply scan both sides of a folded A3 document, and ScanSnap will automatically stitch them together so you’ll see a full A3 digital file.

4. File and Organize Business Cards Digitally

Most of us keep physical business cards, or by taking a photo of it on our mobile phones. But this makes for a disorganized system — we all know the trouble of having to rummage through stacks of cards or our mobile phone’s camera roll.

The CardMinder function in all ScanSnap models makes organizing your cards much easier. When you scan your business cards to CardMinder, the contact details are automatically stored so you can easily search for any name or company within your contacts!

These 4 unique functions are only a portion of the many valuable features on the ScanSnap once you’ve started digitizing. The next time you’re looking for a scanner, be sure to keep an eye on these features!