In the Information Age we live in today, information everywhere from the home to the office is increasingly digitalized. Are you struggling to cope with the immense amount of information and thinking of digitizing your home or office?

Let us help by taking you through some of the benefits to digitizing your documents:

  • Accessibility: Digital documents are highly accessible — cloud services enable you to access any document anywhere, at any time. Collaboration is much easier digitally, as multiple users can access a digital file. Anyone in your family or workplace can be looking at the same document at the same time!
  • Productivity: Going digital can save you time rummaging through your file cabinets, and digital scanners provide with you many ways for you to work on your documents efficiently to increase productivity.
  • Less Physical Storage Space Needed: Office space and warehouses are becoming increasingly expensive. By storing documents digitally, you save the cost of renting these spaces and enjoy an uncluttered work space.

How would these benefits help me at home?
One of the biggest benefits to digitizing at home is the space it saves, especially in tiny apartments!

In addition, storing important documents such as receipts, bills, business cards, insurance documents and photos digitally will prevent them from getting lost. The ScanSnap allows you to scan your documents to cloud services such as Evernote, Google Docs, and Dropbox so your important documents and precious memories will always be backed up.

Scanning them will be a breeze with the free ScanSnap Connect app for iOS and Android — it lets you scan directly from your mobile device!*

*For ScanSnap iX100 and iX500 models only

How would these benefits help me at the office?
A huge plus in moving to a paperless office is the convenience and accessibility. Digital files are easily transferable, allow greater levels of collaboration through multi-user access, and are accessible anywhere at any time.

The ScanSnap provides a variety of ways for you to efficiently transfer and make use of your scans. For example, you can scan to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for quick editing. If you’re archiving business cards, ScanSnap’s CardMinder will automatically extract information from the cards for you using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Now you can search through thousands of business cards within seconds!

I’m ready to digitize!

What should I look for in a Scanner?
There are four main aspects we think you should look out for in a scanner. Firstly, the ability to scan documents of different sizes and thickness. You’ll want to ensure that your scanner is versatile enough to handle most types of documents — be it receipts, contracts, or plastic cards.

Secondly, a scanner that’s lightweight and portable will save you precious desk space. If you’re always on-the-go, a scanner with WiFi will be extremely useful. The iX-models of the ScanSnap are WiFi-enabled so you won’t have to fumble with messy cables, you’ll be able to scan to your mobile devices instead!

Lastly, keep a lookout for scanners with excellent optical character recognition (OCR). OCR recognizes characters and converts printed characters into digital text. This enables you to edit text readily and search for keywords or phrases in your document. It also means no more retyping if you accidentally erase a digital file — just scan the paper original!

The process of digitizing may seem overwhelming, but trust us — once you’ve started digitizing, you’ll see how much more efficient and organized your home or office can be!