Imagine having the capability to digitally track down a business card you got two years ago. Fujitsu includes their CardMinder application with all ScanSnap scanners, permitting you to digitize those tremendous heaps of business cards you’ve accumulated throughout the years.

CardMinder is a business card scanning application that allows ScanSnap users a convenient way to capture and manage contact information. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) the ScanSnap scanner automatically recognizes and extracts content from the business card and populates the contact information. Once you have verified the extracted information you can easily export your contacts into other applications such as Outlook, Excel etc.

These are just some of the capabilities of CardMinder. Managing your business contacts has never been easier. CardMinder helps you stay organized and makes organizing your scanned archives effortless. You no longer need to spend incalculable hours manually processing hundreds of contacts.

Now that you can efficiently manage your business contact information with ScanSnap and CardMinder, it’s time to go digital and dispose of the cardboard box that you’ve been storing your contacts in. CardMinder is your ultimate must have office tool!