One of the biggest challenges facing scanner users is accessing scanned documents on different devices especially when you are travelling or not at your desk. Normally, you need to scan the document and save it to a portable drive or upload it to a cloud storage service. Then you need to download to your other devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone etc.) to be able to access your scanned documents – an excessive hassle for those looking for simpler methods to save time.

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Sync function will sync scanned documents across multiple devices so you can enjoy seamless workflow in the office or on the go with all your documents accessible at your fingertips.

It allows users to link their ScanSnap Organizer and ScanSnap Connect App to supported cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

If you are in a meeting or travelling, simply scan your document through the ScanSnap Connect App to automatically upload the document into your cloud service. Once you’re back in office, the same document will be available in your ScanSnap Organizer on either PC or Mac.

The opposite is indeed true. Scan your documents on your computer and simply drop the files into the ScanSnap Sync folder. Your PDFs or JPEGs will automatically sync on your mobile devices. Setup is a breeze and eliminates the hassle out of managing your scanned documents.