There are numerous considerations when it comes to choosing a scanner, from what type of documents your business handles to how often you’ll need to scan.

Here are some guides to assist you when looking for a scanner:

1. Duplex or Simplex
If your documents are regularly printed on both sides, it’s best to get a scanner with two scanning features so that each side of the paper is scanned in one pass. ScanSnap S1300i automatically detects two-sided documents with scanning capabilities of 12 pages per minute and instantly directs it to PDF, JPEG, or office applications like Word or Excel for better document management.

2. ADF or Overhead
Overhead scanners are commonly multipurpose and made for delicate materials. For example, photographs, old receipts, works of art, and very essential for books and magazines.

Unlike other models, the SV600 uses an overheard scanner that scans anything from the smallest business cards to large sized documents, 3D objects such as pieces of jewelry and much more. Its VI technology combines innovative elements such as accurate autofocusing, LED illuminated light and steady scanning.

3. Scanning in Bulk
Ever wish you could efficiently scan lots of documents quickly? The speedy high capacity ScanSnap iX500 with automatic document feeder (ADF) is perfect for the job. Its ADF can hold up to 50 sheets and will quickly scan all your documents.

4. Handling a Variety of Documents
Look for scanners that are not just lightweight but also designed to operate with multiple types of paper. The ScanSnap S1100i pushes the limits of size and thickness while delivering smooth scanning. A must have in this paperless era that can handle most types of paperwork – receipts, contracts or even thick documents such as plastic cards.

5. Mobility
One key aspect of living a paperless life is to scan any paper document anywhere, anytime. Ultra-lightweight at only 400g, ScanSnap iX100 is the world’s fastest battery powered portable scanner with built in Wi-Fi and ready to scan to mobile devices

Everything that we do seems to be increasingly digitized. Whether you are managing business cards or documenting old contracts, there exists a ScanSnap existing for every task. By selecting the right scanner for your needs and future projects, you’ll appreciate a worry-free yet empowering experience.